Retirement Community Services


At Serene we take care of all the basic needs of the senior residents and offer a peaceful living space. Our services are prompt, flexible and well-planned.We offer individualized, tailored care structure for a comfortable, relaxed, safe retire environment of your choice along with easy access to a range of facilities and services.

Dining facility with well-planned diet schedule

We provide fresh cooked food time to time. Our communities possess a centralised air-conditioned dining hall and a central kitchen. We offer wholesome vegetarian satvik food.

Apart from this we have in-house, dieticians and nutritionists, who design the diet. We ensure that the menu is aligned as per the residents' choice by organizing monthly meetings with the F&B department.

  • Vegetarian satvik food
  • Food served as per the residents' choice and health condition. We have special menu for people who follows specific diet.
  • Hygienic kitchen & food service area
  • Monthly review meeting with F&B department
  • Home delivery of food for needy residents
  • Prepaid coupon system for organized delivery
  • catering service for in-house meeting
Luxury Homes- Dining Facility

Health & Wellness


At Serene, we care about the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of every resident. We maintain a medical record of each resident and offer round the clock supportive health care and emergency care. Residents can avail facilities like doctor on call and 24/7 availability of ambulance and driver. We have also tied up with reputed hospitals in the vicinity.

At Serene we have
  • Preventive health care
  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment
  • Wellness workshops
  • Supporting physical, mental & emotional wellbeing
  • Supportive health care
  • Emergency care


We care about the overall wellbeing of every resident in our community. We frequently organise wellness workshops. We also conduct social activities such as visits to orphanages, NGOs etc.

  • Physical activities coordinated by the physiotherapist in morning
  • Yoga/Pranayama exercises
  • Indoor & Outdoor games
  • Periodic movie screening
  • Important sports event screening
  • Music concerts, lectures etc.
  • Workshops
Medical Facilities & Wellness

Preventive Care Services

At Serene, we believe in the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’. Thus, we take the necessary steps to avoid an emergency. We periodically monitor vital parameters and make the residents perform daily stretching exercises. The Yoga/Pranayama exercises are conducted under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Some of our preventive care services include:

  • We maintain medical records of all residents
  • General geriatric assessment to assess the risk of fall/dementia
  • Periodic monitoring of vital parameters
  • Periodic and on call doctor visits for the needy residents
  • Stretching exercises under the supervision of physiotherapist daily
  • Periodic wellness workshops, awareness lectures/symposiums
  • Regular health screening for early detection & treatment of important diseases
  • Tie-ups with major hospitals
  • Periodic basic life support training for all the key staff in the community
  • Periodic health screening for all catering staff in the community
Medical Amenities

Emergency and Ambulance Service

We have a medical center in our campus with paramedical staff available round the clock. We also delivermedicines to the individual's residence from the community pharmacy.

Apart from this we are equipped with a basic life support system and first aid. In case of emergency, we ensure speedy evacuation to the hospital. To be steadfast in such situations, we offer emergency management and protocol training to our staff and residents.

Residents can avail the below facility 24/7
  • Doctor on call facility
  • Ambulance and driver 24hrs
Senior Living - Emergency Services

Housekeeping and Infrastructure Maintenance

No more cleaning of mess or doing mundane household chores.It's your time to celebrate and be free of responsibility. We take care of timely housekeeping and maintenance services.

We have a trained and dedicated team who offer prompt service whenever called upon. We organise daily and periodical cleaning schedules. We are equipped with a help desk, efficient management team and exceptional security services. As part of our monthly maintenance, we take care of electrical and plumbing needs, STP, generator and buggy maintenance.

  • Trained & Dedicated Team
  • Security & upkeep
  • Battery Operated Vehicles for Intra-Community Mobility
  • Prompt Service
  • Efficient Maintenance of Infrastructure
  • Help Desk
  • Escalation mechanism
  • Daily & periodic cleaning schedules
  • Customized housekeeping help for specific tasks
  • Lot based staff allocation and compulsory periodic rotation
  • Efficient management through supervisors/managers
  • Preventive maintenance for key utilities such as electrical & plumbing
  • STP, generator, buggy maintenance
  • 24/7 breakdown maintenance through in-house staff
Housekeeping Services

Transportation and Concierge Services

Residents can hire our vehicles and take a trip down to a nearby garden, park, art-show, community centre or cinema hall.We also organise trips for the residents by assisting in the bookings or purchase of tickets. Our concierge services are available at the disposal of the residents and are ever-ready to help.

Transportation Concierge Services

24 x 7 Security Services

We offer our residents to lead a carefree life with our 24/7 security service which assures a good sound sleep. The security guards are fully equipped to ensure the safety of the residents and to take care of the premises.

Security Guard Services

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